Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipsticks & Aristo Clash Eyeliner

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Rouge Edition Lipsticks £7.99 and Eyeliner in Purple Night £4.99
Currently buy one get one half price in Boots

This week has definitely become a week of lip related posts! Hoping you're not too bored of them yet, I thought I'd write a review of the new Bourjois Rouge Edition Collection. It features 18 shades in total, featuring 6 nude shades (Preppy), 6 brighter shades (Colour Block) and 6 darker, evening shades (Night Out). There was such a pleasing range of different shades for different occasions but I managed to narrow my choices down to two, one colour block and one night out shade.

#17 Rose Millesme - This one is the lighter shade in the 'night out' range. On me, this is a beautiful neutral pink shade with a hint of plummish undertones. 

#10 Rouge Buzz - This is a bright orange red that makes a wonderful statement lip.

I have to say, after testing a more neutral and a brighter shade I can confirm that these are not only very pigmented, but also an extremely comfortable and creamy finish that is almost unnoticeable on the lips. These have been likened to MAC Cremesheen's but I find them far less heavy and much easier and smoother to apply. They have a light sheen finish and hydrated my lips throughout the entire day. I did need to top them up once or twice, but overall I'm really impressed with these and would definitely look into getting more if I didn't have lipstick overload at the moment!

On the same stand as the lipsticks, I also noticed Bourjois' other latest collection, Artisto Clash. I'll be honest here and say the nail polishes and eyeshadow didn't really stand out to me, the eyeshadow was super shimmery and the nail polishes.. well, I definitely have enough of them! However, I spotted the eyeliner and couldn't be happier. I've wanted a purple shade to smudge under the lower lash line for months now and this one is just beautiful!

As you can see from the picture, it has fine shimmer through it but this is not at all gritty or uncomfortable on the skin or inner eye. My favourite way to wear it is smudged under the lash line with a gold shadow on the lid. I absolutely love this for a pop of colour and love how it makes green eyes stand out. It also lasted really, really well so if you're like me and not quite ready for bright eyeshadow looks I would really try this out :)

Have you tried anything from the new Bourjois collections?

Dior Diorskin Nude Shimmer Instant Illuminating Powder

Monday, 28 January 2013

This was a recent naughty purchase that I decided to reward myself after losing a stone (woohoo!) since I've decided it's a great motivator to purchase something from my wishlist everytime I lose a substantial amount. It's been on my wishlist for ages ever since I saw Tanya Burr use it in some of her videos and fell in love with the way it looked when the light hit! It's my first Dior product and I have to say, I'm extremely impressed.

The powder itself is so finely milled and buttery soft. As you can see from swatches below, it's a lovely light golden shade that blends effortlessly to give an amazing glow. It isn't too glittery, it's more of a sheen across your cheeks and doesn't make me look oily at all, just really lovely and healthy! As always with Dior, the packaging is beautiful and sleek, with a handy decent sized mirror inside for topping up any makeup. The spongey applicator is actually pretty good as far as in-product tools come and works well to dab the product onto your cheekbones without overdoing it.

It's usually about £32, but I purchased mine here from for just under £5 cheaper which I don't think is too bad for 10g of high end product!

Have you tried this? What's your favourite highlighter? :)

Review: Rimmel Apocalips!

Saturday, 26 January 2013

I don't know about all of you, but when I saw that Rimmel were bringing out a lip laquer similar to higher end offerings I was definitely intrigued. After hearing so much about the Armani Maestro versions but deciding they were way out my price range for a product of it's kind I was overjoyed to hear there would be a drugstore dupe and after seeing them on various different blogs I knew I had to have them! Pigmented? Check. Amazing colours? Check. Comfortable wear? Check. They sounded right up my street! :)

From L-R: Luna, Celestial, Stellar, Apocaliptic, Big Bang

One thing I can say is they definitely fulfilled all the promised claims. As you can see from swatches, the colour payoff is amazing and these really are liquid lipsticks, they didn't move all day, especially the brighter shades! The colours I chose were Luna, Celestial, Stellar, Apocaliptic and Big Bang. The other shades in the range are a brown-toned nude (Nude Eclipse), a pinky shade I also really want (Nova) and a plummy shade (Galaxy) which I didn't get purely as I own SO many plums! The packaging for these is also lovely, I love how you can see the colour at the bottom and it almost looks a bit sleek whilst not being too boring.

The formula is so wonderful - creamy and opaque with minimal effort required in terms of topping it up throughout the day and the price is what makes these even better at £5.99 each. The only negatives I would point out is this can have a tendancy to go a bit everywhere if you don't apply a lip liner around your lips prior to application. Also, I would comment that the lighter shades can be a bit patchy and Luna definitely took a little more effort to look good but this is an easily fixed problem :)

Luna - I have to say, this shade was my least favourite of the ones I picked up. I found the formula of this to be quite patchy and unflattering, you could see a lot of imperfections on my lips. However with a lip scrub, this one does make a lovely peachy shade that I'd liken slightly to MAC Shy Girl.

Celestial - This is what I'd consider the everyday lip choice of the bunch. I adore this shade, a lovely neutral pink/plum that I've found works with a variety of makeup looks! This one reminds me a lot of MAC Plumful which I also like a lot.

Stellar - This shade is another one of my picks of the bunch! An amazing bright corally pink that is so similar to MAC Impassioned on the lips it's crazy! Definitely an amazing summer shade that I cannot wait to wear.

Apocaliptic - This is the fuschia pink of the lot, another very bright shade with blue undertones. This will be a great 'nights out' option for me, especially with it's similarity to MAC Girl About Town which is my favourite for those sorts of occasions!

Big Bang - Eeeek sorry, you can kind of see what I mean about the bleeding thing with this one! This is an amazing red and one I will definitely reach for on lazy days where I'm wearing simple eye and face makeup as it'll make an amazing statement lip! I don't have a MAC dupe for this as a lot of people are saying Russian Red but to me it's far lighter and pinker!

Overall, I'm so impressed with Rimmel at the moment, they are definitely upping their game and bringing out some incredible products. I really believe these are one product absolutely worth the hype and one of my favourite launches of the last year by far! 

What colour do you like from this collection? Have you picked any of these up?

Review: Barry M Pink Silver Polish, Sophisticated Glitter!

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Hi everyone! As you can probably tell if you were a follower of mine before my blog has had a total makeover thanks to the lovely Ana @ Peaches and Cream designs. I would highly recommend using her design service if you're looking to revamp your blog, she honestly works wonders! Second thing, if anyone knows of a good, free editing program for photos I would really appreciate it as the lighting in my uni room is atrocious and I want the best quality pictures possible with would probably involve some tweaking! 

That aside, I thought today I would show you what I'd call my sophisticated glitter polish :)

The nail polish in question is Barry M's Pink Silver Glitter. Weirdly enough, I don't think I would have picked out this shade myself. It was actually a Christmas present from my lovely housemates (they know me so well) but after trying it on, it's absolutely beautiful.

As always, the formulation is great. I find Barry M to last longer on my nails than most higher end brands which is great considering they're only £2.99 each! It's lasted around 4 days before chipping and was opaque within two coats on me, even better considering how impatient I get painting my nails which often ends in my trying to multi-task and smudging polish all over myself. Not great!

The shade is perfect for being a neutralish glitter as I'm not often a fan of the really in your face ones, I'm much more of a plain creamy colour kind of girl but for this polish, I can definitely make an exception.

Have you tried this shade? What's your favourite glitter? 

Review: Maybelline Volume Express Rocket Mascara

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Maybelline Volume Express Rocket Mascara £7.99 (Maybelline currently buy one get one half price in Boots!)

It's not really like me to pick a mascara up on a whim but when I saw this particular one I thought why not? I really look for a mascara to help define my lashes and hold a curl as my natural ones are pretty long and straight and since getting this I have to say, I'm so glad I did.

Like I hinted before, I hadn't seen any reviews on this but from what I believe it's a pretty recent release. It promises to produce no clumping whilst creating fuller, thicker looking lashes up to 8x their normal size. Though I'm not entirely convinced they're 8x as big, it definitely made my lashes full and kept a curl amazingly well and there were no clumps to speak of! However, as you may see in the photos the real selling point of this mascara is the way is defines and lengthens for me,

The formula itself is very black which is always a plus and doesn't go all dry and flakey on the lashes. It actually felt really lightweight and didn't irritate my sensitive eyes in the slightest. I also had no problems removing this and it came off with absolute ease and didn't smudge throughout the day which is often a problem for me as my eyes can be pretty sensitive and watery but there is a waterproof  version if you prefer.

top picture just curled and bottom picture is wearing mascara 

I actually think this may rival my Max Factor 2000 Calorie as I've rejected it for this everyday since I got it! What's your favourite mascara? Have you tried this?

Review: Revlon Colorburst Lipglosses

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Before I found these I literally couldn't bare to wear any lip glosses ever. After trying different formula's from Barry M to MAC I found I hated how sticky and uncomfortable the majority were. All I wanted was a light, no hassle everyday lip product and I definitely found it in the Revlon Lipglosses. 

L-R Bellini, Pink Ice, Strawberry, Fire, Sunbaked, Bordeaux

First off, I love the packaging. It's actually pretty similar to the Chanel Glossimers and for a drugstore brand I think Revlon have the sleek packaging down. Secondly, I love that the light Vanilla scent these have isn't really overpowering, there's definitely nothing worse than finding a lovely product with a disgustingly strong, synthetic scent!

In terms of formulation, they are so comfortable to wear that I barely notice I'm wearing them. The nude glosses (Bellini and Pink Ice) are so flattering for everyday wear for someone who doesn't really suit nude lipsticks and they are all so so pigmented, as you will see in pictures below! The applicator is a flat doe-foot which makes it easy to cover your lips in two easy swipes which is always great when you're on the move.

Top Left to Bottom Right - Bellini, Pink Ice, Strawberry, Fire, Sunbaked, Bordeaux
Usually £7.99 but £5 at the moment in Boots!

They all vary in finishes with shades such as 'Strawberry', 'Bordeaux' and 'Pink Ice' appearing glittery in the tube. However I must comment that once on the lips, it really isn't very noticeable at all in look or feel of them. 'Bellini', 'Sunbaked' and 'Fire' don't contain any shimmer so if it is something that worries you, I'd go for one of those shades instead. It's hard to choose a favourite and I really have been impressed with all six shades I own but if I had to go for one I'd say 'Pink Ice' for being such a wearable shade with any make up look but I would highly recommend any of these shades, Papaya is next on my list!

Review: MAC Stereo Rose

Monday, 14 January 2013

Today I thought I'd so a review of the recently re-released cult MAC product, Stereo Rose. I've heard so much about this product that I definitely sucumbed to the hype when I heard it was being released again in the Apres Chic collection and thus far, I am enjoying it but it hasn't made it's way into my favourites just yet!

MAC Stereo Rose £21.50

The beautiful look to the product is something that definitely translates once on the skin to create a coral shade with golden shimmer running through it. The colour definitely leans to more of a yellow toned pink rather which I find works far more flattering on a number of skintones. Like the majority of the MSF's, Stereo Rose is good in terms of pigmentation but I find does need reapplying every couple of hours or so to maintain it's full coral shade.

As you can see, it definitely has a lot of shimmer so if you're not a fan of this I would definitely stay clear! For me, I do see why people would love this product especially for the warmer months but I wouldn't say it's wowed me as far as longevity and amazing colour pay off goes for the price it is.

In terms of avaliability you may still find this in some stores around the UK but if not, I think this blush by Vivo (stocked in Tesco's!) is an amazing dupe :)

What do you think of Stereo Rose?

Empties #2

Sunday, 13 January 2013

I actually have two lots of empties but I thought I would split it into two parts so this wasn't too rambley! I didn't realise until I returned from home back to uni just how many I had saved up but I have been trying to use things up to declutter so I hope these posts aren't too boring for you! I will say before I start that a lot of these products in my empties are just 'okay' which is the reason I've tried to use them up.

REN Invisible Pores Detox Mask - I haven't tried much from REN but I did really enjoy using this mask. It's a clay consistancy that digs deep into your skin to bring out all your pores and really clear up your skin. The only bad thing I'd say about it is that you don't get a lot for your money at £18/50ml, especially when my Origins mask is £20/100ml works better for my skin. For that reason, I wouldn't repurchase.

Antipodes Juliet Gel Cleanser - This is a nice cleanser but for me it did nothing special to my skin. It did cleanse well and have a nice fruity scent but it didn't feel that luxurious or brightening which is something I look for in a cleanser. For that reason as well as the price of £25 I wouldn't repurchase it as for me it was just average.

First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser - I was so disappointed with this! I have pretty sensitive skin so expected a lot from a cleanser that is formulated for sensitive skin. However, my skin completely reacted to this I even cut out other products to make sure as I was so surprised. This may be okay for someone with dry skin but definitely not one I would recommend for sensitive skin at all.

Origins Drink Up Intensive - This is the one product of this post I would highly recommend for dry/dehydrated skin. This was a saviour for my skin particularly in the summer. For some unknown reason I am completely backwards in that my skin is far oilier in the winter and my lips are dryer in the summer.. weird I know so I used this a lot when my skin felt more dehydrated earlier in the year and then just on my dry forehead over the winter. It has a lovely fruity scent and leaves your skin so soft the next day. 

Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel - Another product I hear so many bloggers/youtubers speak about. I think I must be a fussy blogger as I'm not someone who finds a lot of skincare items that incredible, maybe I just expect too much from products! For me this smelt beautiful but it didn't make a groundbreaking difference for my skin when if I pay quite a bit for a product I expect. When used weekly my skin did feel soft but since I get that from other cheaper products also, I would not repurchase (though I am tempted just for the smell..)

Origins Make A Difference Cream - Okay, this is a controversial one. I have to be honest here and say I really did not like this product, please don't kill me! To me not only did it smell of cigarettes (though I haven't seen anyone else say this so please smell for yourselves) but it didn't do anything for my skin. No reduction of oilyness, no particularly amazing moisturization for dryer areas and I felt it clogged up my pores quite a bit. It also felt pretty greasy and didn't sink in nowhere near as quickly as my Night-a-mins moisturizer. I would definitely recommend that one above this one as I see such a difference when I use it and it smells of oranges which is much nicer!

What do you think of these products? 

2012 Favourites: Skincare

Friday, 11 January 2013

Origins Night-a-Mins Moisturizer - After trying the blogger favourite 'Make A Difference' cream I was left utterly disappointed after finding it didn't do anything  special to my skin other than clog my pores and honestly felt as though it smelt of stale cigarettes, unlike the fruity scent other bloggers had described. This however, is everything I wanted the other one to be and more. I love the orange scent and I love how much it brightens my skin, it's the first moisturizer I've seen a real difference with. This was just a freebie from an Origins order (a generous sample, they are always good for them!) but I would definitely buy this once it runs out.

Origins Eye Doctor - I cannot rave about this eye cream enough. I never thought of all things I would be so in love with this kind of product but it honestly works wonders for dry, sensitive eye areas whilst slightly brightening my undereyes too. I've written a full review of this before here if that's something you're interested in :)

Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel - I've said it once and i'll say it again, any product that Adrienne recommends, I instantly seem to fall in love with. This is hands down the best cleanser I've ever tried and I must have tried around 20! It's a product I use and instantly feel it makes a difference which I haven't been able to say about any other cleanser (I'm picky that if I spend money, I want it to do something amazing). Not only does it feel so luxurous starting as a gel, then once massaged an oil and then a milk when it touches water it leaves my skin so soft, smooth and radiant.

Origins Clear Improvement Mask - This has been a lifesaver for my skin since it became slightly oilier over the last couple of months. I don't have a bad word to say about it as it makes my skin soft, less oily and clears out my pores wonderfully.

Caudelie SOS Serum - I've already mentioned this product in my skincare routine, I just find this works great for my very dehydrated and sometimes dry forehead at keeping it hydrated for hours. I put it on in the evening and wake up with much more hydrated skin which makes make up application so much easier. I don't think I'd ever be without this now!

So after another rambley post, this concludes my 2012 favourites! I think my next post will be some empties as I've gotten through loads. Hope you're all well, let me know what your favourites last year were! x

2012 Favourites: Lips

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Revlon Colourburst Lipgloss (One shown in 'Pink Ice') - This is cheating a bit but this lipgloss is a representation of all this range, this one being my favourite. I was never a lipgloss girl until I tried Revlon's as they apply beautifully and don't feel sticky or uncomfortable on the lips. They are also so pigmented, far more than any high end lipgloss I've tried and I love the packaging. Definitely one worth trying before you write off lipgloss entirely!

Korres Lip Butter in Wild Rose - This again is my favourite shade of the range but all these lip butters are incredible. They are what I wear if I'm going for a simple look or my lips are extremely dry and I find these work better at moisturizing my lips than any other I've tried, including Blistex and Vaseline. This one in particular comes out a natural deepish pinky red and I honestly wouldn't be without these.

MAC Lipstick in Plumful - First off, I apologize for all the MAC in this 'top 5'! I'd be lying if I said they weren't my favourite lipsticks. This one is particular I got about 9 months ago as I much prefer deeper shades on me. It actually comes out lighter than it looks in the bullet, more of a berry shade which I love. I also really enjoy the lustre formula, it's one of my favourites along with the finishes of the next two

MAC Girl About Town - This is my go to lipstick for a night out (as you can probably tell by how much it's melted, oops!) that I find works so well at making a statement without looking ridiculously overdone. It comes out a fuchsia pink with blueish undertones and I am yet to see this on someone and it not suit them.

MAC Charmed I'm Sure (LE) -  Sorry to include something LE but I couldn't not speak about this lipstick. It has fast become one of my all time favourite MAC shades and my favourite red shade ever. I think because it leans slightly pink it's just so flattering, I have problems wearing really blue toned reds as they just look too much on me for some reason but this is a perfect neutral red that I'd recommend anyone snatching up if you have a chance! The only colour that's meant to be slightly similar is Ruby Woo, which I may try if I ever use this up!

What's your favourite MAC lipstick or lip product of the year?

2012 Favourites: Nails

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Barry M Berry Ice Cream - You probably can't tell because I've shaken up the bottle so much, but this is one of my most used nail varnishes. It's one of the only ones I've ever used up completely and repurchased (something that needs to happen again soon!). It's a beautiful light, bright lavender with a hint of greyish undertones in my opinion and a colour that I find goes with pretty much anything.

Jessica Brilliance Top Coat - I NEVER hear anyone speak about this top coat but it's been my favourite forever. It leaves such a beautiful shiney finish and allows my nail varnish to last so much longer, I've never felt the need to try any other top coat because I don't feel like anything could work as well as this.

OPI Nail Envy - A blogger favourite this product definitely deserves all the hype it gets. First of all, it's lasted me for ages despite using it most weeks as a treatment before painting my nails. It's just done wonders to my nails and I really notice when I haven't used this for a while how much weaker my nails become and how prone they are to breaking. 

Topshop Celestial - I've already done a full review of this here but this is literally the most perfect nail varnish I've ever come across. It stands out beautifully and I just find myself reaching for it so much because when I have it on I literally cannot stop staring at my nails (does anyone else do this?!). Definitely an all time favourite and one I will purchase over and over, the formula is also great!

Barry M Pink Flamingo - Another polish from my favourite nail polish brand! This is my favourite pink to wear, I just find it's so flattering and pretty and I love that it leans slightly coral. It's really a stunning pink if you want something that goes with anything you wear

& if you'd like to see my Barry M polish collection with swatches of both the polishes mentioned, please go here :)

2012 Favourites: Face

Monday, 7 January 2013

Clarins Instant Smooth Primer - This favourite is a slight cheat as I've actually only had it a couple of weeks but I'm already in love with it! It's hands down the best primer I've tried, makes my skin look flawless even before foundation and keeps my makeup looking perfect all day

Origins Plantscription Concealer - I was a bit wary of purchasing this product as it was my first venture into Origins makeup line but since I love so much of their skincare, I thought I would buy it on a whim. After using this for a few months, I can completely confirm that this is worth it's price tag. I only use concealer under my eyes and it does a perfect job of hiding dark circles, not creasing and not looking cakey under the eye. I'd highly recommend!

YSL Touche Eclat Foundation - I have to say, it's only now that I'm going through testing a load of different foundation as since this came out, I haven't really used anything else up until about 2 weeks ago. It adds such a beautiful radiance to the skin and looks very natural which is what I look for in an everyday foundation. The only downside I find and the only reason I'm trying different foundations now is the fact I can't wear it on a night out (spf ghostface anyone?) and that it isn't always as long wearing as I'd like. Other than that, it is an incredible product I've loved this year

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in 'Medium' - This product is always a favourite of mine that I've loved for years - it helps my makeup to last far longer without looking cakey or too overdone on my skin. One I will repurchase over and over.

MAC Blush in 'Coygirl' - If you've read my blog for a while you'll know how much I adore this shade. I find it works beautifully on my pale complexion to add the right amount of flushed colour. I won't say too much as I've already spoken about it here in my favourite blushes and in my MAC favourites post

I apologize for the length of this post, as you can probably tell this is one of my favourite categories of products! What are your favourite face products of the year? :)

2012 Favourites: Body, Hair & Fragrance

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Soap and Glory Scrub Em and Leave Em - I've done a full in depth review of this scrub here so all I'll say is that it works wonders on any rough skin I have and smells incredible, I will always repurchase this over and over

Armani Code & Paco Rabanne Lady Million - This are my favourite perfumes as mentioned in my perfume collection, both smell amazing and I find I always receive compliments on my scent when I wear either of these, I will never be without them

Toni & Guy Cleanse Shampoo (Detox) - I discovered this product later in the year but it's become a staple in my haircare routine. It's similar to the Bumble & Bumble Sunday Shampoo and the Phyto offering, but for a huge fraction of the price. It has a far nicer scent in my opinion (aka, not overly herbal!) and does a great job of deep cleaning any product build up on my scalp

Moroccan Oil - I'll be honest here, this stuff is pretty expensive but honestly, I don't mind paying extra for something that works this well. It leaves my hair softer than any other product and although I do really like the v05 hair oil, nothing beats this one for me

Soap & Glory Clean Girls Body Wash - Like the body scrub, this product is also scented with the 'mist you madly' fragrance which I'm absolutely in love with. On top of the smell, this shower gel also moisturizes my skin beautifully and leaves it so soft after use

Have you tried any of these products and loved them?

2012 Favourites: Tools

Friday, 4 January 2013

Could not for the life of me get good lighting today, I apologize!

Sigma Large Powder F30 Brush - This is the brush I use to apply my powder and sometimes bronzer all over. The three brushes I talk about in this post are the ones I really couldn't be without as I literally take them everywhere! It apply powder really quickly and flawlessly and it's so soft without shredding.

MAC 187 Brush - This is my Blush brush of choice. I've used this brush for a while after receiving it in a set from the Glitter & Ice collection and haven't put it down since. Other brushes just don't apply my blush as perfectly as this does, it's not so dense it applies too much at once but really helps me to apply colour sheerly and build it up.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush - Despite the majority of people favouring the Buffing brush to apply foundation, I really love the precision and finish this brush offers. I find it gives me a flawless finish it gives as well as the density of it and all the RT brushes are so easy to clean which is an added bonus!

Real Techniques Setting Brush - This brush is amazing for applying concealer under the eyes and setting it with powder. It's the perfect size and so soft it doesn't drag or pull the skin under my eyes when applying product. A total must have

Bourjois Tweezers - Although a lot of people favour Tweezerman's offering, I find these do an amazing job for a fraction of the price. I'll always repurchase these as they've lasted me ages and aren't too expensive

Tweezerman Eyelash Curlers - Something I do own from Tweezerman are their eyelash curlers. After owing them from other brands such as No7, I decided the affordable ones weren't quite cutting it but wasn't quite ready to splash out on Shu Uemura ones so these are a great alternative. They work brilliantly and are now a staple in my collection

I'll be doing these posts every couple of days for the start of January and I'm planning on making it an 7 post series so hope you enjoy! x

2012 Favourites: Eyes

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara - I cannot say enough good things about this! It gives my long, straight lashes the perfect amount of volume and definition and doesn't smudge at all. The only mascara that's ever come close to this is the Benefit They're Real but at £7.99 this is incredible and even better. Definitely my HG!

Elf Eyebrow Gel - I bloody love this stuff, works a dream on taming my eyebrows and keeping them set all day and best of all it's only £1.50! I would never be without this and always have a backup cos no other eyebrow product works this well however much they cost

MAC Espresso - I've spoken about this in more length here but this is my favourite product to use to fill in my brows. It's the perfect matte dark brown and has lasted me for almost two years (I've only just hit pan) and probably will all this year too

MAC Paint Pot in Painterly - I love Painterly mainly for just evening out the skintone on my eyelids up to the brow. It creates the perfect base for eyeshadow and helps it to last a lot longer on my lids and I don't think I'd ever be without it

MAC Eyeshadows in All That Glitters and Sable - As you may have seen from my MAC Favourites, All That Glitters is my all time favourite eyeshadow for the daytime. It really compliments my green eyes and is subtle but so beautiful, I have yet to see this shade not look good on someone! Sable is my favourite autumn/winter shade as it's a plummy brown colour which looks just stunning in the colder months

Hope you all had a wonderful NYE :)