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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Just so you all know, I've moved my blogsale onto a tab at the top of the page! I'm deleting the actual posts on it and leaving it as that, i've updated it since last time so there are some new things so check it out if you like and be aware I update it pretty often! :) x

Review: Maybelline Babylips!

Hi everyone! Would just like to apologize for the lack of posts lately, had a huge uni project where I spent about 15 hours a day doing my project (ouch) but now I'm back with a review of the Maybelline Babylips as promised!

These little babies have become an absolute favourite of mine. They come in quite a few colours but the shades I have are Cherry Me, Peach Kiss, Pink Punch and Peppermint. First of all, how cute is the packaging? I love how bright and colourful they are, not only do they look nicer but it also makes them far easier to find in your handbag.

Another great thing about them is the scent. Oh my gosh, they smell incredible. Obviously the smells are self explanatory by their names but everytime you apply them you're met with a beautiful fruity scent. On top of this, they provide a lovely tint to the lips and are pretty buildable pigmentation for a lip balm. However, if all this wasn't enough, the thing I love most about them is how well they moisturize my lips. I get extremely dry, chapped lips and the only things I have ever found to help them is Korres Lip Butters, these and the Burts Bees lip balms but these are definitely my favourite. They never settle into the fine lines of my lips, moisturize them completely in a matter of seconds and just generally feel so light and comfortable on the lips. I'm definitely one of those people who don't really like thick, creamy lipsticks so they are perfect if you're the same.

Cherry Me

Peach Kiss

Pink Punch
Peppermint (build up!)

I purchased mine from Cosmetics & Candy and Ebay for pretty cheap, coming in at a few pounds all together per product. However, a lot of Ebay sellers will combine postage if you buy a couple! In conclusion, it's safe to say I'm absolutely obsessed and they have already become an all time favourite product for me that I would highly recommend to anyone! Now just to get my hands on all the limited edition ones...

Products Worth The Hype #1

Thursday, 21 March 2013

So after a pretty negative review last time, I really wanted to inject a bit more positivity back into my blog by doing a products worth the hype post! I was actually supposed to put this up a couple of days ago so I apologize for the delay, end of the uni year means a lot of deadlines! Anyway, onto the products I picked out :)

Nars Deep Throat - Although Nars Orgasm tends to be their most popular shade, I much prefer the pinky peachness of this one. It's my favourite pink blush and an all time favourite too! Their blushes in general last really well and have great pigmentation to match.

Korres Lip Butters - I will definitely have to do a post dedicated to these, I absolutely love them! Wild Rose is my favourite shade, I just find these offer a nice light tint whilst really moisturizing my lips. I own about four and always apply the Guava one before bed without fail to dodge dry lips.

MAC Eyeshadows - Of all the ones I own, I have only ever had a couple that I have found haven't suited me but I absolutely adore them. My favourite shades are All That Glitters, Malt and Sable but I really love them all for great pigmentation, amazing colour ranges and an all round good quality.

Real Technique Brushes - No longer do I have to spend a load of money on Sigma brushes as these are just perfect! Soft, easy to clean and are all great multi-use brushes.

Maybelline Babylips - I will definitely have to do a full review of these soon! I'm absolutely obsessed. They moisturize my lips, smell amazing, look pretty with any look and I want them all!

Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipsticks - I saw these on quite a few blogs before I purchased them but these are the best drugstore lipsticks! I do really like Rimmel Kate Moss but the smell does put me off a little so these beat them to the post. They are so comfortable to wear and there are so many lovely shades. My favourite has been the one pictured, #18 which is a deep berry purple.

Wet N Wild Walking On Eggshells Palette - Again, I haven't had this long but it's so great! I'd heard so much about this particular palette and though the shades are very shimmery I love the pigmentation and the colours so much.

NARS Laguna Bronzer - This is one of my HG products (and I don't have many, I'm very fickle!). The perfect colour, not too warm or too cool and works beautifully all over or just in the contours of my face. I will never not have this in my collection!

What products do you feel are worth the hype? I'd love to know other peoples! x

Disappointing Product: Kleancolor Polishes

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Hi everyone! You may remember a while ago I posted a haul and in that haul, I showed these Kleancolor polishes from Ebay. As I said then, I will be making my way through some of the products in that haul to do reviews when I feel I've given them a full test. Unfortunately today I'm gonna be writing a pretty negative review about these polishes as they just did not live up to my expectations!

As you can see in the bottles, they look beautiful. However, the reason I'm really not impressed is the terrible application of them! First of all, bare in mind these cost £18 for 6. I want to write this post because I really do not think they are worth it at all!

This shade is Aurora. The swatches above are about five coats of it and in those five coats, two or three nails only got one star from it. I'm lazyish when it comes to nails, I don't want to have to paint 5+ coats of glitter on top of another shade which has already taken a couple of coats, who has that time to paint a seven coat nail?! I thought maybe I could work with it but by the time enough glitter came out my nail polish was way too thick and didn't dry at all :(

Twinkly Love was the biggest disapointment of all. The first swatch is far left and as you can see, it's totally clear. This was after three coats - not one thing came out! The second is five coats where only one came out. The second two took 7+ coats!

This shade was the best of a bad bunch, Take A Hint. Plenty of glitter came out in about three coats so I will probably hang on to this one as it did look pretty with less effort than the other two but still isn't a great formula!

Sorry to make such a negative post but I actually love to read these kind of things so you're aware in case you're interested in something! I will keep posting reviews of the haul items and hopefully will have some better luck ;)

What product has disappointed you lately? I'd love to know! 

Wishlist #2

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Beautysets - wishlist

Now as you may have seen from my last two posts, I definitely don't need to be doing anymore shopping but a girl can dream right? A lot of these things are recently released or about to be for summer collections which has lead to a wishlist far longer than my arm. 

The first thing is the beautiful Summer 2013 Clarins Palette. I have a MAC Palette that is pretty full and try to not have too much more eyeshadow than that but it just never happens! I go through phases. First it was lipstick, then blush, then foundations and now eyeshadows and this quad has my favourite types of shades to wear all inside one really pretty palette. Love. Despite just having this picture, I really want this entire collection.

I also adore the look of the colours from the new Models Own collection that I'm sure comes out in the next week or so. Scented and pastel? Yep, definitely perfect for summer. Third on the list is another Clinique foundation. I already own their Stay Matte one, which is currently my favourite base so would love to try out some of their others. Originally I wanted the pore refining, but it doesn't go pale enough so may try the acne one out as although I don't really get spots, I'm guessing it'll be good for my oily t-zone!

4 & 7 can be grouped together as me being pretty impressed by Benefit's latest releases. I have to reveal to you all that admittedly I'm not a total lover of Benefit. I love their packaging and think they have some great products but I do think a lot of it is overpriced and dupeable unfortunately. However, this palette again contains four shades all of which I'd get use out of and I'm hearing amazing things about the concealer too!

Next is a MAC item, namely their Mineralize Lipsticks. These are a recent release and I haven't heard much at all about them so if you've tried them (as with all these things) I'd love to know your thoughts! I just think they have such nice shades and the idea of a different formulation really appeals to me!

Finally is something I really really don't need and that's the Tarte Blush in Exposed. After recently trying out the blush in Amused I'm so impressed and would love to try more. This shade is pretty similar to NARS Douceur which is an all time favourite so I just know I'd love this too!

Again, I'd love to know if any of you guys have tried any of these and what you think of them! Is there any recent releases that have appealed to you? :)

American Goodies

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Another day, another haul. This is pretty shameful as I didn't actually need any of this stuff but when I saw a couple of people on Twitter say they use a website that sells American goods without the hefty shipping prices I was intrigued. Upon looking at the website, I found a ton of stuff I'd lusted over for ages - hense ANOTHER haul! I tried to limit myself but still somehow ended up with quite a few bits..!

So first up I picked up the Wet N Wild Eyeshadow Palette in 'Walking On Eggshells'. I have so much eyeshadow already but couldn't resist this! Heard so many good things about it and after using it a couple of times, I can definitely see why. The colours are beautiful, pigmented and buttery soft which is amazing at £--! I'd definitely get more of these little palettes if it weren't for the size of my collection.

I also picked up two more of the Maybelline Babylips after purchasing Cherry Me and Pink Punch from Ebay a couple of weeks ago and being really impressed. These ones are the Peppermint and the Peach. They even had an offer on the site of a free babylips with your order so I actually only paid for one which was amazing! I've yet to try these ones out but expect a full review of them soon.

Next is another cult product, the EOS Lip Balm, which I got in Summer Fruits. I have to say, so far I'm not blown away with this. I didn't find it really did a lot in terms of moisturization but maybe over time it'll work better!

Bit of a random one next which is the Extra Dessert Delights Gum in Mint Chocolate Chip. I'm really intrigued by these as I can't eat dairy or egg which pretty much knocks out 99% of actual desserts for me plus I'm on a healthy eating kick so feel these will be great for when I have any cravings!

The biggest splurge of all was a Tarte Blush which I got in the shade Amused - a bright pink. It took all my power to just order one but this looked like the most appealing shade to me that wasn't too similar to anything I already own and I love it! It provides a really pretty doll like flush without being overpowering and lasted longer than any of my MAC or NARS blushers which is a big statement.

Finally I picked  up the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Barely Branded and it's definitely love. Why they don't bring over the neutral shades to the UK I'll never know because this would sell amazingly here. It's a really pretty, pigmented champagne shade which works as a great base and alone also.

The website I got these from was which I'd highly recommend if you're after some stuff we can't get here :) this isn't a sponsored post in any way, shape or form but I just wanted to share it with you in case you're after things such as these like me!

Are you lusting after any of these items too?

Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil: My Oily Skin Saviour!

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Hi everyone! Just going to start of my apologizing for the lack of posts over the last few days, Thursday was my 21st and since then I've not been on my computer much at all. Thursday I had a meal with my family, Friday-Saturday I was at a Spa with my mum and sister (bliss!) and Saturday had a big night out with friends which I'm still paying for! Enough about that and on to one of my favourite finds I have ever come across, the Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil!

I will start off by saying if you're anything like me, I was so skeptical and scared at the thought of putting oil on my oily skin. Surely it would just make me oilier? The answer is a definite no. First off, I love the smell of the product. It's sort of a light herbal scent and bare in mind I'm never usually a fan of herbal. I also like the little perpet which makes for giving you the perfect amount to spread all over your face at night. Like I said before, I didn't expect much at all to come of this other than to become more oily but I was completely wrong!

I would now never be without this! I've tried everything to fix my oily t-zone from cleansers, to masks, to foundations and all have either done nothing or helped me stay oil free for an extra hour. The first couple of days I used this my skin felt soft and brightened in the morning, all the oil had sunk in over night and my skin looked healthy. I thought to myself great, I spent all this money just to get the same effect I can already get from other products in my collection. However a week on, the difference is incredible. Oil production on my face has gone down massively, to the point i'm only touching up my powder once throughout the day instead of every couple of hours. On top of this, my foundation goes on far nicer and my pores are visibly reduced (something I don't say about many products at all!).

You start off using the product alone after cleansing and toning overnight, then you move on to mixing it with whatever moisturizer you usually use at night which I am about to do. If you don't have combination/oily skin, there is also a dry skin formula which I've heard is great too.

If you're nervous about putting oil on oily skin don't be, it's helped balance my skin out and stop oil production all throughout the day and done wonders for my skin. This is now a skincare staple in my routine and I will never be without it!

Have you tried this? What's your oily skin saviour?